Pure Offroad RV Lift Off!


Pure Offroad RV has designed a lift off Living Module which can integrate with a work tray! So it’s a work vehicle during the week and a full on getaway offroad motorhome for the weekend within no time at all.
This lift off feature can work-in with our pop-top and fixed roof module configurations! This will increase our range to suit a number of applications for how clients wish to use the vehicle.
Electric or manual jacks fit into the side of the Living module to lift it off from the truck chassis and can lower it to a height of around 450mm. An additional water tank and batteries are located onboard so it can function normally without the truck being present. It gives the flexibility of removing the Living module whilst on holiday to do other activities with the truck like maybe launching your boat, 4wd driving, etc!
Either configuration will still maintain the same build strength and quality that Pure Offroad RV is known for!