Customer Assistance

Pure Offroad RV can offer special considerations for customers needs. Solo travellers, interstate and overseas customers all have different requirements and need a company which can deliver a motorhome module with durability in mind. Through quality composite materials it provides strength and lightweight performance.
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We understand that security, comfort and a reliable vehicle are high on the list of “must have” features.

Pure Offroad can provide all the above and more. The vehicle we prefer is the IVECO Daily 4×4 with the outstanding 4×4 capabilities. Our body is designed for this vehicle to allow independent movement of the vehicle chassis and our living module so that the living module is not stressed and the chassis can work as designed to maximize 4×4 capability. This means that you can with confidence get into difficult places and get out!

The vehicle is very car like to drive and we have positive comments from our female customers drivers that they enjoy the experience. “I feel I can adapt and gain confidence in driving the vehicle, rather quickly”, a quote from a recent lady during a test drive.

The walk through the cab into the living module and the 3-point security door provides outstanding personal security.

Comfort is home from home with a generous seating area, ample shower area with thermostatic water temperature control. Full LPG gas galley facilities and refrigeration. Climate is controlled by the inbuilt reverse cycle air conditioner.

If you are seriously considering a 4×4 motorhome give us a go; we are very competitively priced and outstanding quality.

We are based in Western Australia and for those customers out of the state we have some options for you to consider us as your preferred builder of your next 4×4 motorhome.

  • We will discount the build cost of 2 return economy airfares if you visit us and subsequently place and order. (T&C apply)
  • If you have an existing Iveco Daily 4×4 truck this is not problem since we build the box separately and either delivery to you for fitting with our very detailed video instructions or we can send our team to fit for you.
  • From time to time we have promotional specials for Eastern State Buyers which vary from either upgrades of equipment or additional features from our options list. Increased battery capacity, additional solar panels and REDARC products are popular. When you make an inquiry ask for the current specials.
  • If you are seriously considering a 4×4 motorhome give us a go; we are very competitively priced and offer outstanding quality.

Greetings! If you are visiting us from outside of Australia. If you like what you see on our web pages we would be happy to quote you a build for export. We have the capability to construct to your local codes and standards. The module will be shipped in a 20ft sea container ex Port of Fremantle, FOB.

Alternatively, if you are planning an extended visit to Australia we have a guaranteed buy back scheme for international visitors who purchase one of our vehicles.

Australia has the world’s ninth biggest road network, measuring over 823,000km in length and constituting 356,000km of paved roads and over 466,000km of unpaved roads. Australia’s Highway 1 is the world’s longest national highway.


Salutation si vous nous visitez de l’extérieur de l’Australie. Si vous aimez ce que vous voyez sur nos pages Web, nous vous ferons un plaisir de vous citer une version à exporter. Nous avons la capacité de construire vos codes et normes locales. Le module sera expédié dans un conteneur maritime de 20 pieds, ex Port of Fremantle, FOB.

Sinon, si vous prévoyez une visite prolongée en Australie, nous avons un programme de rachat garanti pour les visiteurs internationaux qui achètent un de nos véhicules.

L’Australie compte le neuvième plus grand réseau routier au monde, mesurant plus de 823 000 km de longueur et constituant 356 000 km de routes pavées et plus de 466 000 km de routes non pavées. L’autoroute australienne 1 est la plus longue route nationale du monde.


Gruß, wenn Sie uns von außerhalb von Australien besuchen. Wenn Sie mögen, was Sie auf unseren Webseiten sehen, würden wir uns freuen, Ihnen einen Build für den Export zu zitieren. Wir haben die Fähigkeit, Ihre lokalen Codes und Standards zu konstruieren. Das Modul wird in einem 20ft Seecontainer aus Port von Fremantle, FOB versendet.

Alternativ, wenn Sie einen erweiterten Besuch in Australien planen, haben wir eine garantierte Rückkauf-Regelung für internationale Besucher, die eines unserer Fahrzeuge kaufen.

Australien hat das weltweit neuntgrößte Straßennetz, das über 823.000 km lang ist und 356.000 km gepflasterte Straßen und über 466.000 km ungepflasterte Straßen ausmacht. Australiens Autobahn 1 ist die längste nationale Autobahn der Welt.


Saluto se stai visitando noi dall’esterno dell’Australia. Se ti piace quello che vedi sulle nostre pagine web saremo lieti di citare una build per l’esportazione. Abbiamo la capacità di costruire i vostri codici e standard locali. Il modulo sarà spedito in un contenitore di mare da 20ft ex Porto di Fremantle, FOB.

In alternativa, se stai pianificando una visita estesa in Australia, abbiamo un piano di acquisto garantito per i visitatori internazionali che acquistano uno dei nostri veicoli.

L’Australia ha la rete stradale nona più grande del mondo, con una lunghezza di oltre 823.000 km e costituisce 356.000 km di strade asfaltate e oltre 466.000 km di strade non asfaltate. L’autostrada 1 dell’Australia è l’autostrada nazionale più lunga del mondo.