What Pure Offroad RV Is About

We build for any brand of truck or chassis

We build our Camper Module to any height, width and length required**

Complete customer defined interior layouts

Composite materials, light weight, no rot or rust

Slide-out modules available on fixed roof versions

Pop-top, Box-in-Box, Removable and Fixed Roof configurations

Walk throughs, roof hatches, electric bed lifts on any variant requested

Camper lift-off / removable version can interchange with a tray body to become work vehicle

Made in Western Australia, for delivery to the East Coast and the World!


To download a PDF of our Base Module Specification and pricing… Click here>> Base Module Spec_Aug_2017

(**subject to maximum legal limits)


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    Pure Offroad RV has designed a lift off Living Module which can integrate with a work tray! So it’s a work vehicle during the week and a full on getaway offroad motorhome for the weekend within no time at all. This lift off feature can work-in with our pop-top and fixed roof module configurations! This …
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